Wha Are the Types of Computer

desktop computer is an electronic machine computer which convert raw data into meaningful information, made for use on a desk in an office or home and is distinguished from portable computers such as laptops or PDAs.Articles

laptop computer,(also notebook computer), is a small mobile computer, which usually weighs 2-18 pounds (16 kilograms), depending on size, materials, and other factors. A laptop computer is much smaller than a desktop.

Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) are handheld computers, but have become much more versatile over the years. PDAs are also known as pocket computers or palmtop computers.

Palmtop Computers a small and lightweight portable computer, with most of the features of a standard notebook computer but smaller.

Server usually refer to a computer that is dedicated to the task of storing and retrieving large amounts of data. For example, a large computer dedicated to a database may be called a "database server". "File servers" manage a large collection of computer files. "Web servers" process web pages and web applications.