What is Video Card

Video CardAlso known as a graphics card, graphic adapter, video board, video controller, video adapter is an internal circuit board that allows a display device, such as a monitor, to display images from the computer. It operates on similar principles as a sound card or other peripheral devices. The term is usually used to refer to a separate, dedicated expansion card that is plugged into a slot on the computer's motherboard.
Video cards are typically installed in either the PCI, AGP or PCIe slots in the back of a computer. Most computers come with a video card installed in one of these slots, which means it can be upgraded at a later time.

Most video cards support the OpenGL and DirectX libraries. These libraries include commands for manipulating graphics that programmers can include in their code. Some of these commands may include moving or rotating an object, morphing polygons, or casting light and creating shadows. By using standard OpenGL or DirectX functions, it makes it easier for developers to create graphically-oriented programs. Of course, it also makes it necessary for the computer to include a supported video card in order for the program to run.