HP G72t Review

By Nadav Snir
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The HP G72t notebook is ideal for both working and playing games. Coming with a 17.3" LED screen, this notebook would be the ideal replacement for the bulky desktops. In addition to enhancing the user's mobility, this notebook is packed with many amazing features which guarantee that your ability to be productive is not interfered with.

To enhance the user's entertainment, the HP G72t PC is equipped with a web camera, stereo speakers and a microphone. In addition, it is packed with features that enable the user to remain totally productive. For starters, the user is able to multitask as the PC is equipped with Intel Core i3 processors. To enhance the user's online experience, HP have equipped the HP G72t with an integrated Wi-Fi which enables the user to access the web quickly.

While the HP G72t notebook performs many great functions on its own, it is easy to connect it to other devices to make it truly effective. To achieve this, the PC has been fitted with 3 USB ports. Moreover, the user has the option of an additional HDMI 1.3 port which makes it possible to connect to HD TV or an external monitor.

Unlike most other PCs which use 4-cell batteries, the HP G72t is fitted with a 6-cell battery which allows the user to use it for longer periods of time. In addition, this laptop has a touchpad which enables for easier and more comfortable typing. To speed up operations, the left side of the keyboard has one-touch keys which enable the user to quickly switch from one operation to another. When buying your notebook, be sure to take advantage of HP G72t discount coupons. These coupons are available online and acquiring them means that you will save a substantial amount of money.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of the HP G72t PC is the way it provides the user with a wide range of features to choose from and therefore provides the perfect opportunity for customizing.