HP Pavilion dv6t Select Edition series

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2nd generation Intel Core i5‡ processor technology
Simplified daily PC activities with genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
Fast, easy, trusted Web browsing with Windows Internet Explorer4
6GB of memory and a 640GB hard drive§
Great discrete graphics options with GDDR5 ultra-fast memory
Personal and on-line content on your big screen by wirelessly connecting your laptop to your TV using the Intel wireless display and the netgear Push2TV adapter (not included)
A standard 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery (up to 6.5 hours†††)

User's Review:

I ordered this laptop from HP.Com and except for the long wait to receive it after my order; the laptop came to me in perfect working order. I ordered the “top-of-the-line” second-gen i5 with all the goodies and 8meg of memory. Additionally saving 30% off the top from a perfectly timed Facebook coupon did not hurt either.
After reading some of the comments here I intentionally waited two weeks to provide my impressions so I could be sure that the machine was stable and all of the components were thoroughly tested and evaluated. Additionally, I am a seasoned senior so change does not come as easily to me as many of the younger folks who may be attracted to this laptop for gaming.
My biggest concern was the new keyboard arrangement. I use my computer daily for long periods, and I was concerned about the smaller keys (due to the numeric key pad) and the unusual cursor key arrangements. Also, the function keys now require two keys to activate them. With all this said, it took me about a week and a half to become very comfortable this new arrangement.
• The screen on this model large and can only be described as “Airport Beacon Bright”. Perfect!
• The “finger print reader” is a must have and extremely useful.
• The Beat sound system is much better than the typical laptop speakers, but should not be confused as capable of replacing your home stereo system. With that said, I do listen to music from the laptop and it sounds very well.
• The 9 cell Battery is good for almost 9 hours. I typically charge it when I return home and run from battery for my entire work day. Best battery setting is “Power Saver”, but I find that using the “HP recommend” is still good for nearly 6 hours. On another point, the best power savings comes from turning off the additional graphic card and use the default i5 video.
• I read a lot of negative comments here on the “touch pad”. I have no problems with it, and once it was configured for how I prefer to use it, the touch pad can only be described as faultless.
• USB 3.0 and HDMI are great. My backups run to an eternal 3.0 Seagate mini-drive. Same HD runs in less than ½ the time connected to a USB 2.0.
• The power brick. Imagine buying a lighter, larger, more capable computer to travel with, only to find this near perfect computer comes with a power brick the size of a large pet.
Bottom-Line: If you need a new laptop computer, you will not be disappointed with this “well built” all-around great performer. Check the various sources (including Facebook) for discount coupons. As I mentioned at the top of this review, I saved more than $400.