HP Pavilion dv7t Quad Edition series

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17" (diagonal) premium performance laptop in dark umber or steel gray metal-finish design. Powered by Intel latest 2nd Generation quad-core processors and leading-edge discrete graphics. Includes awesome Beats audio, USB 3.0, fingerprint reader, HP Coolsense technology, 2-year warranty. Optional HD 1080p display 
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • 2nd generation Intel(R) Quad Core(TM) i7-2630QM (2.0 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache) w/Turbo Boost up to 2.9 GHz
  • 1GB GDDR5 Radeon(TM) HD 6490M Graphics [HDMI, VGA]
  • FREE Upgrade to 8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)
  • FREE Upgrade to 750GB 5400RPM Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection
  • FREE Upgrade to Blu-ray player & SuperMulti DVD burner
  • Up to 5.25 hours of battery life (6 cell)+++
  • Beats(TM) audio + HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer

User's Review:
This laptop has nothing but good quality and design put into it. The build is solid and very sturdy with no obvious weak points on in the structure. I have to tip my hat to HP with this computer, as it was designed very well.
Human interface:
When considering which operating system to use, I would recommend windows 7 professional. I say this because it has the option for windows xp mode, which sets up an environment for older programs that may not work with windows 7 directly.

The keyboard is great. The keys are very soft and have a very nice feel when pressed. I don’t agree with some people when they say that it is designed poorly. The problems they have had are not on mine, either HP fixed the issues that were the problem, or their particular build had a problem with it. One comment that has been a little irritating is that there is no backlight on the keyboard. Yes, it would have been nice, but you knew there wasn’t one when you ordered it because you went through the program to design the laptop in the first place. On a side note to this, the keys are not reflective, so they are very easy to read even in low light, especially with that bright-view screen right there.

The only problem I have with the Webcam is the software package you have to buy to unlock most of its features. When buying a laptop of this price it would be nice if all the hardware was unlocked and ready to use to its fullest extent. That being said, the webcam is very clear, follows your head, and works well in any light condition. Pretty much all you could ask for from a built in webcam.

The touchpad is bigger than most, allowing for a lot of room to be sliding that cursor around on the gigantic screen this thing has. The multi-touch and gesture controls on the touchpad are very nice; pinch to zoom out swipe outward to zoom in. A lot of people are complaining of having to push too hard on the touchpad, I don’t really understand it. I am kind of a lead-finger when it comes to computers, so maybe I just don’t notice it. But when using a touchpad you should expect to have to push a little harder than a feather would to move the cursor (which would move the cursor anyway because it is very responsive). The other comment I have seen is that the left and right click buttons are hard to push; again I have not noticed this. They are just like any other laptop at any store you can look at. If you don’t like them on any other average laptop, you won’t like it on this one, wireless mice aren’t that expensive if it really bothers you.

Fingerprint Reader-
The fingerprint reader on this laptop is high quality. If you have troubles with it, it is probably because you are swiping it way too fast, or are swiping at an angle. Slow and straight back are the key. The features supported by this reader are nice because it will save the username and password to virtually any website/internal program out there. You just swipe it and you are in.

Sound Quality:
Beats audio is a nice feature which adds to this laptop. However, the thing that really makes it nice is the small little “subwoofer” on the bottom. It adds just enough resonance to really allow nice sound that doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a tin can. And if you like to listen to it loud, it gets really loud, both with the speakers on, or through headphones, this thing sounds great.

The graphics card on this computer is awesome. I have not really tried commercial games like call of duty or other like it yet, but I have extensively tested with platform emulators. Emulators that run games like GameCube (do not download iso’s or game files that is illegal) are very taxing on a graphics card and not many laptops can run them at full speed. This not only runs them at full speed, it will run them on full speed with the highest settings selected, a pretty big boast in my view. The switchable graphics on this computer are a plus, especially when needing to save power. The low power graphics card integrated on the processor on this model is great for light to moderate computing and will serve just fine. The only downside is that all programs have to be closed in order to switch the graphics, so keep that in mind.

The 2nd generation i7 2820 QM processor is worth the money! I cannot find a way to slow it down. When it comes to multitasking or just really heavy computing, this thing can handle what you throw at it; don’t doubt that for a second.
The design of this laptop is beautiful. Designed for both sexes and does not look too girly or too much look a gaming macho computer. This is a fingerprint magnet!!! If you are crazy about this kind of thing like I am, keep computer wipes with it because it WILL collect fingerprints. The brushed metal design is beautiful, but anybody who has ever tried to clean a stainless steel refrigerator will be reminded of the experience; keep that in mind. For the size of this thing, it feels like it is smaller when in hand. The size to weight ratio is not bad when you consider its competition.

The bright-view display is bright! You will wonder how you ever were able to see anything on a different computer. The LED design means less power for more light. This is great but you will go down slightly in resolution. This is not altogether a bad thing though, because the price would go through the roof with the highest resolution, due to the price of high definition LED displays.

The memory makes for great multi-tasking. Get the eight gigs of ram if possible; you will not regret the effects it has on the quality of performance.

Disk Space:
Great size to price ratio, 7200 rpm is a lot faster than 5200.

Boot Speed:
The boot is fairly slow, but gets faster after the first few times. Use sleep mode and it will be back to ready in seconds for you though, your choice.

Vents are on the back left corner. As long as you don’t cover them up it shouldn’t be an issue.

Do your research and don’t rush a buy. This laptop is great for what I use it for and I hope my review was helpful. P.S. keep an eye out for coupons, they help a lot. For the price to performance ratio, you will not find a better deal on the market.

And as other people are making a point of saying it, I do not work for HP.