Notebook Computers - Why Are They So Much Better?

By John C Stevens
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The use of computers is in high demand nowadays, what with the surge of technology and the popularity of anything related to the internet and computers. Almost anyone you ask probably has a computer at home; however, with the trend moving towards portability and mobility, the demand for another type of computer has also increased over the recent years - the Notebook Computers.

Laptop computers, also known as laptops, notebook computers, or notebooks, are small, compact, mobile computers that weigh between two to eighteen pounds depending on the size, the materials used in fabrication, and other factors. Laptops run on a single battery or from an externally connected adapter. Most notebook battery packs may be used for a few hours before having to recharge. The external AC/DC adapter may be used to charge the battery whilst providing power to the laptop itself.

Notebook computers are an extremely lightweight personal computer. This type of computers generally weighs in below six pounds and is built to be small enough to fit easily in a standard sized briefcase. Apart from the size, weight, and portability, another major difference between the personal computer and notebook computer is the display. All notebook computers use a wide array of technologies and techniques to produce display screens that are not bulky and very lightweight.

These mobile computers come with a built in keyboard and a touchpad, also known as a trackpad, for input. An external keyboard or mouse may also be used in place of the built in components. Notebook computers normally have a liquid crystal display and use a different memory module from that of a desktop computer. The quality of the screens varies from notebook to notebook. Most display screens for notebook computers have a VGA resolution.

As a type of personal computer, notebook computers or laptops are designed to be capable of performing the same tasks as those of a typical desktop computer. Notebook computers have the same components that are found in desktop computers; however, these components are smaller and optimized for mobility and efficient use of power.

As for computing power, notebook computers may be able to produce the same power as those of desktop computers and may have the same CPU, memory capacity, and hard disk space; however, getting a notebook computer with very powerful specifications may cost a lot. Generally, notebook computers are less powerful than desktop computers of the same price.