Toshiba Satellite Pro M10-S405 Reviews

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Good battery life, the wireless works real well. Quality feeling keyboard design. Sturdy!

An all-in notebook - you get a M processor(meaning its an intel speedstep thus super battery saving), wireless, 10/100 mb network, 56k modem, cd rom, free usb floppy drive (ext.), harman kardon speaker(yeah!).

Cover scratches was too easily. The screen is a little dim and has had dead pixels 2 times already. The worst problem is that the system board has crashed 3 times and the replacement boards are no better. Maybe just bad luck.

I own a Satellite 3000 and the LCD problem started after less than a year. The screen goes dim , had it repaired by an official Toshiba repair center but they couldn't do anything. Toshiba forums mention about some inverter problem with most Toshiba lap.

Poor material - very plastic looking, what's wrong with Toshiba? Giving cheap material to be able to compete?