The Differences Between Laptops & Netbooks

By Mika Staplesson
Tags:notebook computers,notebook computersThe Differences Between Laptops & Netbooks,The Differences Between Laptops & Netbooksnotebook computers notebook computers

People are using laptops for all kinds of activities. From playing games to watching videos all the way through work related applications. A normal value category notebook is good for everything, even if the latest games demand a little more power than what they pack. Are netbooks the same, only in a smaller case?

Netbooks are similar to other laptops in the sense that they are also portable but there are a great variety of differences you should be aware of before heading to town, or place an order online.

1. Size. This may sound obvious but there are points some people would never think of. The size also affects the weight in most cases. Netbooks are designed to be small, lightweight and portable, which cannot be said about all notebooks. Some are small, some are even portable, but the ones that are light are so expensive that you will most probably opt for a netbook if the application doesn't demand high performance.

2. Screen resolution is the second most important issue with some of the older notebooks. The screen size varies between 9 and 12 inches, and looking around you will notice that the bigger it is the more expensive. The resolution may limit you in some creative type works like web design or image retouch. The most common netbook resolution is 1024 by 600. It may sound similar to the average 15.6" notebook resolution, which is 1280 by 800, but in fact the latter has 66% more pixels, therefore 66 per cent more desktop surface. I think you know what it means in terms of multi-tasking ability.

3. Netbooks are much cheaper. The starting price for a netbook that is good for media consumption and simple office work is around $300. You can pick up a fairly advanced model between $400 and $450. Most notebooks cost way more than that and even if you buy one for $450, chances are that the battery time will be dreadful and the weight is going to be over 6.5 pounds.

4. Netbooks are more often available through some mobile broadband deals. You have to keep your eyes open to spot one of them, but if you do you can pick up a netbook for virtually no added cost on top of a mobile broadband plan. It allows you to connect to GPRS or 3G network anywhere in the country, and keep your netbook even after the contract ends. Read the contract from start to end though, this way you can avoid falling into an 18 or 24 month contract that doesn't meet your needs.