Laptops For Cheap - HP Pavilion G70 Series Notebook Computer

By Andrew Frain
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HP has become one of the leading brands in producing high quality laptops that feature both design and performance. HP has introduced a new laptop, the HP pavilion g70-250us notebook PC. This HP notebook includes some of the best features available at an affordable price. This HP series notebook also features a smooth and sleek design that includes a high-gloss reflective black imprint on the cover of the laptop. The color pops out even more with the matching keyboard and touch pad.

The HP pavilion g70-250us notebook computer features a 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium T4200 dual-core processor. This processor excels in enhancing multitasking and the overall response time of the laptop. This allows you to be able to download a program and at the same time surf the web without dealing with a slow internet response. With this processor everything runs smoothly and multitasking performance is simply amazing. With a 320 GB hard drive there is plenty of room for everything you want on your computer. You can store music, photos, downloads, and movies, and still have plenty of room left over. This HP pavilion notebook also features a dual DVD/CD drive that also burns cds so that you can share your favorite music with your friends and family.

This HP laptop computer also features a beautiful 17.0 inch screen which is perfect for viewing all of your favorite movies. The picture has a very high resolution and you can watch your movies in stunning high definition. There are also different brightness and color variations that can be adjusted to your personal preference. The images always appear colorful and bright on the screen. This laptop also comes with built in altec lansing speakers that provide excellent sound quality. They are perfect for listening to music and are capable of being used for parties.

The HP pavilion g70 series notebook computer also has great network capabilities. The integrated wi-fi chip provides you with a great connection wherever you are. This laptop also provides you with a greater wireless range therefore you can obtain more networks and choose the one that has the best signal. With 3 USB ports you can plug in multiple devices at once. You can plug in your printer and still be able to upload music and photos from your camera and iPod. The HDMI output enables you to connect the laptop to an hdtv so that you can view downloaded movies on an amazing high definition picture. The HP pavilion g70 series notebook computer also contains an integrated webcam which is allows you to talk to your friends and family through video chat.

With windows vista home premium you are give all of the necessary features. Windows media center gives you the ability to browse through your music and play dvds. You can also record live television. This also makes it easier for you to share files with other computers in your home. This laptop even comes preloaded with adobe reader 8, Microsoft works 9, and Norton internet security which will protect your system for a free trial of 60 days.