Notebook Or a Desktop Computer?

By Jeremy Szechenyi
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Most people understand what a computer is and does, but choosing between a notebook and desktop computer might not be the easiest thing. Below are a few things to consider when choosing between the two.

Expense: One of the biggest factors for any purchase is price. Notebook and desktop computers have different prices, even for those with comparable features. Since notebooks are smaller, they require more engineering that desktops to produce smaller components, which then raises their prices. Different brands have different prices, even though they might have similar features.
It pays to do some research in the beginning so that you will know if you are paying more for features or a name.

Portability: Desktop computers are intended to be permanent, not to move around from place to place like a notebook. While it is not the hardest thing to move a desktop form one location to another, it certainly is not the easiest task either. Even though notebooks are intended to be portable, their ease of portability can vary. Notebooks with larger screens and longer battery lives tend to be bulkier and harder to move around. There are very small notebooks out there that have great portability, but you sacrifice performance features of some of the larger ones.

Screen Size: The size of the screen on our notebook or desktop computer should relate to your intended uses. Normally, larger screen size will increase the price of the computer. A desktop computer will normally come with a larger screen than a comparably priced notebook would. Desktops also have a larger variety of screen types and upgrades to choose from than do notebooks.

Ability to upgrade: Some people are interested in purchasing a more basic computer with the intention of upgrading it over time. If that is the case, a desktop would prove to be a more suitable choice. While you can upgrade a laptop, upgrading a desktop is a little easier.

Shipping Cost: If you intend to purchase your computer online, then you will probably face shipping or handling charges of some kind. While many depend on the cost of the computer, some will go by weight. Therefor it might be worth considering those costs when deciding between a desktop and notebook computer.

So to sum it up, there are several things to consider when you are choosing between a desktop and notebook. Your budget will have a large effect on what you will get. If you have a limited budget, then you might get more bang for your buck with a desktop. On the other side, if you have a more flexible budget then you will have more options between a notebook and desktop. Portability is pretty simple. Notebooks are portable, but desktops aren't. Desktops typically have larger screen sizes for a lower cost than do notebooks. Desktops typically allow for easier upgrades. If you are to have your computer shipped, then choosing a notebook could save you some money.