Toshiba Notebook Computer

By Andrew Frain
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Toshiba is one of the leading producers in high quality lapotps, and the new toshiba satellite L305-s5924 notebook is no exception. This toshiba notebook computer excels in performance and is listed at a very affordable price. This laptop has all the features that other expensive computers have but at a fraction of the cost.

The toshiba notebook computer has a beautiful 15.4 inch lcd screen. This screen is very bright and it has an outstanding resolution giving you the ability to view your favorite movies and photos in a stunning picture. The 15.4 inch screen is plenty big enough for watching videos and there are various color variations and brightness levels that you can adjust to your personal preference. The TruBrite technology produces images that are brighter and more vivid in color due to the elimination of glare. This laptop also features a cd burner so you can share your favorite music with your friends and family.

With a 160 GB hard drive, this toshiba notebook computer is capable of storing all of your photos, movies, and music, and still having plenty of space left over for downloads and games. This laptop also features an integrated webcam which allows you to communicate with your friends by video chat. The webcam eliminates background noise so that you can easily hear and understand your friends. This toshiba notebook computer also features an intel pentium T3400 dual-core processor that enables this system to have a faster response time and to be a better multitasker. For instance, now you can surf the internet and run spy sweeper at the same time without dealing with a slow response time on the web.

The toshiba notebook computer also features high quality stereo speakers that provide great audio when watching action movies or listening to music. These speakers can easily be used for parties and can be heard by everyone in large rooms. This laptop also features great network connection capability. You can easily connect to wireless networks wherever you are, and the performance of this laptop is always outstanding. With 3 USB ports you can plug in multiple media devices in at once. So you can upload songs and still have your printer and camera plugged in. There is also a microphone and a headphone jack for the video chats, and an ethernet connection if you need one.

There are many helpful features on the toshiba laptop computer such as technology that helps you connect to the internet. Windows media center can display all of your photos and movies in great resolution. Windows vista will also help you transfer files to other computers and help you with your email. You can even set up parental controls and record your favorite tv shows.

This toshiba notebook computer is clearly one of the best laptops on the market and it is listed at an extremely affordable price.