Features of the Ideal Mini Notebook Computer

By Mika Staplesson
Tags:notebook computers,notebook computersFeatures of the Ideal Mini Notebook Computer,Features of the Ideal Mini Notebook Computernotebook computers notebook computers
There are several netbooks on the market and there are quite a few others coming in the upcoming months. If you were thinking about getting a netbook lately you might have noticed that they come in many shapes and sizes and it's not always easy to tell the difference.

Netbooks manufacturers have fought their battles to achieve this sort of popularity for their product. Nowadays these computers are just as serious assets to a traveling businessman as a sub-notebook used to be three years ago. No more peering eyes from people who have never seen one before, so you might as well consider getting one. But which one is the best model?

These computers are not made for peak computing performance, neither are they tuned for exceptional graphics capabilities, but they are real thoroughbred portable computers. Whether you are a college student who can't charge their notebook after every class, or commuting for several hours, you might appreciate the long battery life they provide.

The ideal netbook must have at least 5 hours of time between two charges so that they justify the humble performance. Better units already pack 14 hours of productivity, so you should have no problem getting one with that much time without the charger.

While notebooks are not for performance hungry applications, you might as well choose one with a processor that runs the basic applications as well as they can. This calls for a dual core Intel Atom processor, which can be found in 12" models. These computers often come with shorter battery life but still jump the bar of 5 hours.

If you are at all interested in playing 1080p high definition movies through HDMI connector, you must choose Nvidia ION enabled netbook. These are a bit more expensive than other models, but they come with the extra feature of the digital connector, and enough horse power to decode the full HD. Optionally you can use them to wind out after a long day playing some simpler game.

The optimal netbook has 2GB memory. This is the most some chipsets support so you won't find too many with 4GB on board. 1GB memory is enough for almost everything, but if you want to see fluid multitasking, opt for more.

Whether you want 3G modem and Bluetooth connectivity is absolutely up to you, but the best netbook must have both. If you need them to connect your phone to the computer or your computer to the net through mobile broadband choose a model that has it.