How To Carry Your Laptop

By Victor Pradel
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The bearing: Carry your laptop in a bag for notebook that is sufficiently reinforced to protect it from the surface shocks. Fix your laptop well inside this bag so that it is not shaken during displacement.

Pay attention, certain bottom-of-the-range bags sold or offered at the time of the purchase of your laptop do not provide almost any protection. Do not hesitate to acquire a model equipped with rigid side reinforcements and even, in certain cases, with protective air bags.

There are also second skins made of neoprene which are adjusted perfectly with your laptop and which improve its protection against, shocks, moisture and changes of temperatures.

Wait until your laptop is completely stopped (all LED extinct) before arranging it in its bag.

Disconnect all the peripherals from your laptop (Key USB, mouse, Cable electric...) before arranging your laptop in its bag. Do not transport your notebook by posing the accessories (mouse, hub USB, electric transformer and cable...) on the top but always near it in the bag.

Do not unnecessarily overload your bag of transport with objects which do not have anything to make there (kitchen utensils, beer quills, encyclopaedia's etc.).

Avoid transporting your laptop in the trunk of your car, because of the variations in temperatures (too much hot in summer, too cold in winter) and because of possible shocks, it is one of the worst places for him.

If you travel by plane always keep your portable computer with you, do not put it with your hand luggage in the trunks at luggage and especially never dispatch it out of compartment if you wish to re-use it one day.