How to Put a CD on a Mini Notebook

By Mika Staplesson
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Mini notebooks have been selling well despite the fact that they are only a few years old. Coming up against the value series of 15.6" inches with the similar price tag, they have much to live up to, especially when it comes to discussing the performance.

You might be unaware of the fact that netbooks are much slower than some well put-together notebooks of larger screen area, but the fact is that mini notebook computers are often just barely enough for daily tasks. One of these everyday tasks is watching movies and listening to music after a long day of hard work.

Most movies are still released on DVD today, which means that you have to have an optical drive in your notebook in order to watch them. Same goes for music albums with the difference that those are distributed on the ancient CD format. Neither is supported by netbook by default, so you have to come up with something if you want to enjoy your movies and albums on your new netbook.

1. You can always opt for an external DVD drive. If you think about this issue when you buy the notebook itself, you can even find bundle deals, mostly by Asus. They manufacture top notch netbooks, and their external 8X DVD rewriter can be had for $50. It isn't all that much money if you consider that a DVD drive like that can be used on any USB compatible computer including older laptops you may have, or your main desktop computer.

2. Pendrives are cheaper than ever. You can get flash drives for a couple of dollars and move files between your main computer and the netbook as much as you like. Use 8GB unit, though, because anything smaller than that will be unable to hold a DVD at once.

3. Internet is the most often used way to transmit data today. If something exists, it is available online; you can buy your software online and download the files right on your hard drive. If you already have something on CD, you can still use the Internet for transmitting it, hook up a computer that has a CD reader and the netbook, and send the files online. You can do the same on a local area network so that you don't use a relatively slow broadband when you can utilize your own wireless network.

Netbooks are great for many things, but without help they are unable to read optical disks. The solution is straight forward and it cannot be simpler than following these tips.